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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial Law consultation

Our firm assists companies, entrepreneurs, investors, authors and inventors in major economic business transactions in Israel and worldwide, with special emphasis on technology and intellectual property transactions. Our firm escorts the business at every stage of its development, from foundation, to rising of capital, protection of intellectual property, drafting and editing contracts, conducting licensing and other negotiations, in mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s lawyers are experienced in dealing with the most challenging cases, with special emphasis on conducting negotiations and providing representation in technological transactions between corporations, trade agreements and license to use, due diligence procedures, accompanying technology companies and investors in capital raising processes.

Recent key cases dealt with by our firm's lawyers include:

  • Patent Commercialization Negotiations: Representation of one of the major technology companies in the Israeli market in negotiations with Microsoft and Apple for the commercialization of patents.
  • International trademark license negotiations:  Representation of one of the largest international food companies in the world, in a legal dispute with the Israeli franchise holder over licensing rights,  reputation, intellectual property, trademarks operating and production methods..
  • Financial agreements: Representation of a leading finance company in negotiations concerning large scale international monetary transactions
  • Due diligence procedures: Carrying out due diligence procedures on a pharmaceutical company on behalf of a large potential purchaser in a- transaction estimated at hundreds of millions of Israeli Shekel (NIS).

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